Charles 2009 Ultra Classic

The story on Charles 2009 Ultra Classic all started when his 2007 CVO Ultra was stolen. Still needing a bike to ride, he finally settled on this 09 Ultra. The bike already had an engine up grade with a HD Stage 4 Race Kit. Unfortunately, the mechanics that did the work didn’t put all the upgrade parts that were supposed to be in the engine. The engine came apart two different times. After the second time the engine failed! Charles took the bike to the Harley shop in Midland, there they built the engine correctly!

The following year Charles and his wife Teresa were in route to the Lone Star Rally when the Ultra started running very badly. As soon as they arrived at the rally they had a Thunder Max Tuner installed and what a difference in performance it made. While still at the rally they went down to Woody’s Bar, while hanging out they noticed there were 13 other bikes in the parking lot that looked just like Charles bike. At that point Charles said that he had to change the bike to make it more personalized.

In the next few months he had the handle bars wheels and pipes swapped out. The next Lone Star Rally there were even more bikes that looked like Charles bike. The Sun Glow Red was a very popular color. He wanted his to be Unique and not to be like any other bike. One Charles friends recommended he contact Juan at Lubbock Custom Motorcycles.So Charles and Teresa went down to visit with Juan Jr and Juan Sr. and asked them for a one of a kind bike. They met for a few hours hashing out out ideas on how to change up this Ultra and came up with a plan.

Once LCM received Charles bike they started to order a list of custom of parts. As soon as they received the 6″ down 9″ back saddlebags Juan Jr noticed that the exhaust was way too short for the long saddlebags. He called and ordered a set of slip-on mufflers, once he received them he had to stretch the slip-on exhaust 10″ back to fit the bags. Then his Dad Juan Sr. got to work on cutting and molding the saddlebags to the exhaust system.

While that was in progress Juan Jr received a message from Charles wanting his middle panels molded to the saddlebags. “No problem Charles”, Juan Jr responded! So from that point Juan Sr continued to mold the side panels to the saddlebags. The exhaust is so big Juan Sr. had to cut the side panel and make his own piece to mold around the exhaust and also shaved off some of the inner part of the stretched saddlebags while building them up on the inside of the bag so the wall isn’t to thin.

Now finished , Juan Jr was able to start his metal fabrication on the bike. He metal stretched Charles original rear fender to match the saddlebags. He doesn’t like flat looking fenders so he made it contoured as he also did the custom metal filler panels he made with the flush mounted taillights and frenched license plate.

Now that the rear fender was finished he installed the air ride system and added a drop kit to get it as low as possible and still have plenty of clearance to ride the bike. Next he moved on to the gas tank and molded it by the rocker boxes . Next he left the original dash where it has a connector for Charles and Teresa to use their helmets and communicate together while riding. So he made a metal extension with a point to fit the original dash to fill in the long stretched gas tank.

Next he molded the seat pan and sent it off with the tour pack speakers and leather to Wicked Cactus Leather to get covered in real ostrich skin.Moving to the front fender all Juan Jr did was add a point on the front of the metal fender to match all the points on the bike. Now to work on all electrical, Juan Jr wired in a custom set of handlebar controls. Not to forget the 18 wires per side on each control.Next he installed the Rockford Fosgate system with 6.5″ speakers in the saddlebag lids and a 500 watt amplifier that has a custom mount fiber glassed into the saddlebag. LCM also makes their own tethers with the LCM logo and color match them to the paint.

Now the lids were on so Juan Jr made a metal top filler panel between the saddlebags and the rear fender with slots where Charles could use his detachable sissy bar and his detachable tour pack for Teresa. Then he stretched all the wiring to the detachable tour pack making everything flow as best as he could. Juan Jr made a metal horn cover with the air ride buttons on the side. The last metal piece he made for Charles bike was a cover for the frame right behind the engine.

Now that the bike was all fabricated Juan Sr. finished up all the body work and it was time to paint. They had talked about black flames with Tangelo Orange as Juan Jr. and Juan Sr. talked more about it they didn’t think that flames would be a good choice. They wanted the Tangelo to be seen more than the black. So Juan Sr. started working the long lines with scallops to make the bike streamlined. Very simple graphics went a long way.

Lubbock Custom Motorcycles is so happy with how the bike turned out but more importantly so are Charles and Teresa. This Ultra will stand out in a crowd now. Keep an eye out for “Sin of Mine” as it will start hitting all the big shows!

Thanks to Club House Magazine!!