Roberts 2007 Deluxe




2007 Custom Deluxe

Robert's bike was customized in 2012. Sueno Firme has been featured in Club House Magazine. LCM stretched original gas tank, custom made dash, split and narrowed a fender blank for rear fender - frenched in license plate and tailight, custom lower right side panel with ignition switch, custom bezel around horn cover, custom hand tooled seat by Wicked Catus Leather. LCM sprayed Brandy Wine with gold lacing with air brushed murals by Jason Oberly.

1997 Sportster

Harley's bike, customized in 2011. Bonita, featured in Club House Mag. LCM stretched an aftermarket 3.2 gallon gas tank, custom made dash, fabricated a fender blank into a rear strutless fender - frenched in license plate and tailight wrapping around a 200mm Avon Tire, right side sprotor kit, custom seat from Wicked Castus Leather in a custom metal seat pan, custom dual exhaust system, custom sprocket cover, internal throttle, and raked triple tree. LCM pained black on pearl paint job.

2008 Fireman Spec.

Ebando's bike, customized in 2010. El Fuego featured at a TTU Men's B-ball game promoting the Ticket City Bowl invite of TTU. LCM strecthed original gas tank, the saddlebags with fish tails off-set and molded in the center of the bags, the back fender frenched in license plate and tailights, custom made signal light covers, air ride suspesion, custom made dash with Siruis radio and air ride buttons, custom made alligator seat by Wicked catius Leather. LCM painted the Fireman Special Red paint job.

2001 Ultra Classic

Brady's bike was customized in 2009. El Greengo has been featured in a few magazines including Hot Bagger Magazine, Club House Magazine and Lubbock Magazine. LCM stretched original gas tank, stretched original saddlebags with frenched in tailights, rear fender cover cut to fit tour pak, cut and raked frame, pop out 6

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Robert Soliz went to see our good friend Juan over at Lubbock Custom Motorcycles to have some minor work done and came outwith a really trick one-off custom. we had to show you this latest creation from Juan and his crew.

Robert explained how he ended up finding Juan and Lubbock Custom in the first place. “I met Juan Jr at a few local rallies years ago but never actually had him do any work for me until about a year and a half ago. I bought an awesome set of rims for my Deluxe, then found out I would have to take at least an inch and a half out of the front for my Deluxe to look right and not lifted up in the front. About a month later I started looking for someone to do the work I needed, actually walked into a few shops but they didn’t have time or there just wasn’t a connection. Looking thru the phone book I found Lubbock Custom Motorcycles phone number and called Juan Jr over at Lubbock Custom, Juan was easy to to talk too and knew exactly what I needed. , turns out I was going to need to modify my stock front fender also and the rest as they say… well that’s history!”


Oh ya! From that point the snowball started rolling and Sueno Firme started. After Juan started working on thr front end, installing the new 21″ Twista Spoke Wheel with a new white wall tire. He could see the gears in Roberts head turning. Next they went with a wrap around fender, chrome sliders, slider covers with a Nacelle head light kit. Juan reinstalled Roberts 16″ Ape Hangers with a custom set of PM Controls with all internal wiring and stainless steel cables. Next he custom stretched his gas tank and built a custom dash to fit the long gas tank.Sitting in the dash is a red Digital Dakota Speedo, wrapped around the bottom are the smooth looking air ride buttons. For the back fender he split and narrowed a 180 degree fender blank to fit in between the custom fender struts.



Next he frenched in the license plate and the running, brake LED lights. Nestled between the long wrap around fender and the stretched gas tank is a Wicked Cactus leather seat with the Mexican Eagle and Snake hand tooled in the middle.Other parts fabricated on Firme Sueno is the accent around the Battistini horn cover and the ignition plate wrapping around the oil tank and running along the right side of the bike up to the floorboard mounts. Where Juan installed a set of Battisitini floorboards with matching brake lever and shifter levers. When it came down to the paint Robert wanted a low rider style paint job.




Then Juan Sr.started all the body work a laid down the black base coat with silver mini flake ready for Jason Oberly at Oberly Air Brush Studios to start the mural work on all the sheet metal After Jason laid down all the awesome murals,Juan Sr. started laying down the gold lacing. Once the lacing was finished he started laying down some silver lines to complement the murals and not over power them. Once all the lines were finished Juan Sr. laid down some House of Kolor Brandt wine and covered all including the murals. The paint was finished the week before Sturgis 2013.




In a mad dash to make the rally the crew at Lubbock Custom Motorcycles spent very long nights to finish the bike. The Friday when they were suppose to head to South Dakota turned into an all nighter. Juan Jr and his Brother Emmanuel finished complete assembly at 5am. Once it was loaded up Juan Jr’s wife Enjoli started the 1,100 mile drive to Sturgis.











It was well worth all the restless night working on Firme Sueno, because it placed 1st Place in the Easy Rider Show, 1st Place in the Rats Hole Show and 3rd Place in the Ultimate Builders Show. After Sturgis Sueno Firme went on to the Ultimate Builders Show in Dallas, Tx and took 1st Place Stock Modified Class. A few weeks later at the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, TX Sueno Firme took 2nd Place Crusier. Robert’s Firme Sueno has come true!













Here is a couple of pics of Roberts Bike before we started the project.


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